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Most businesses have established some type of web presence before they look to improve their rankings through professional SEO services. Conversion Metrics conducts a technical SEO audit to identify any issues with your existing web page that may be preventing it from ranking in Google and other search engine results. With a comprehensive understanding of what is keeping your site from ranking, we develop a winning strategy to improve your rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately increase your sales.

What is a technical SEO audit?

There are a number of tools available to conduct an automated SEO audit. However, these tools are not a sufficient replacement for the precision of a manually performed audit by an experienced SEO professional. Conversion Metrics conducts all of our SEO audits manually with the assistance of tools, not the other way around. This requires more effort on our part, but the result is a far more effective and complete understanding of your SEO needs.

Why is a technical audit recommended?

If your site isn’t ranking, a lack of effort might not be the only factor working against you. The quantity and quality of efforts to enhance your site’s optimization will not matter if they are not implemented strategically. Inherent issues with your site can cause it to be penalized by search engine algorithms, hurting your rankings. For this reason, we recommend that any SEO strategy begin with and be informed by a comprehensive technical audit from the outset.

What issues can a technical audit uncover?

Some of the common issues we frequently uncover in the technical SEO audit include:

  • Duplicate Content. Cited as one of the most common SEO issues, identical or very similar text on multiple pages of the same site can interfere with search engine algorithms, and can even cause different pages of your site to compete with one another.
  • Image Issues. Every image on your site should include an alt tag, which is a brief description of the image, and the description should include SEO keywords and phrases.
  • Improper Title Tags. Like duplicate content in general, duplicate title tags decrease your site’s implied value to search engines. Additionally, rankings can be affective if title tags are missing, too long, or even too short.
  • Improper or Missing Meta Descriptions. Although they do not directly impact rankings, meta descriptions have a major impact on your click through rate (CTR), which plays an instrumental role in determining rankings.
  • Broken Links. Broken links on your site and external links to your site create a number of problems. First of all, it is frustrating for the user to select a link that does not bring them where they want to go (or bring them anywhere at all). Additionally, broken links hurt your SEO efforts.

On page SEO issues

Some of the issues a technical SEO audit addresses are with your site itself. These issues arise from a lack of or from improper optimization. Sometimes, a site can even be over-optimized, resulting in algorithm penalties. We painstakingly perform an on-page SEO audit every page, text block, title tag, image, and link on your site to find out what is working, what is hurting your rankings, and what is missing that could improve your optimization.

Backlink audit

Off-site link issues can hurt your rankings just as much as on page SEO issues. Through a backlink audit, we identify external links and ensuring that they adhere to search engine protocols, we can ensure that existing backlinks are helping instead of hurting your SEO efforts. From there, we can determine what steps can be taken to improve and expand your site’s use of backlinks.

Understand your website’s assets and liabilities with a technical SEO audit

Conversion Metrics approach to developing a winning SEO strategy starts with a comprehensive technical SEO audit. Until we understand where your company stands with its online presence, it is difficult or impossible to design an SEO strategy that will actually improve your rankings. To get started today, call Conversion Metrics at (908) 655-6949 or use our contact form.


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